Why is mobility equipment needed?

As the MS patient enters the EDSS scale levels of 5.0 -7.5 (below), walking, mobility, and independence may be hindered.

To offset this challenge, special equipment is often needed. Unfortunately, Equipment can be an expensive and repeated endeavor.

Financial Duress Spiral: RRMS is well aware of the economic challenges that MS can impose. As MS disease advances, mobility can be hindered with a number of undesired effects, some of which are financial:

  • Elevated caregiver/family/relationship stress
  • Cannot ascend the stairs
  • Cannot drive kids to school; Drive to Work?
  • Cannot exit/enter my house
  • Cannot visit a friend for coffee
  • Can I make it to work?
    • What if I lose my income?
    • What if I lose my benefits?
    • How can I afford needed mobility equipment?